Wenner Bakery


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  • Crystal Bread

    Crystal Bread

    Crystal Bread is the delectable smell of freshly baked loaf, the unmistakable crunch of an artisan crust and the flavor of true sourdough bread.

  • Dinner Rolls

    Dinner Rolls

    Our thaw and serve sweet yeast dinner rolls, a delicious soft roll with a sweet touch.

  • Kaiser Rolls

    Kaiser Rolls

    The Kaiser is long-established roll for sandwiches and a must have in every delicatessen.

  • Loaves


    Our Fully Baked Artisan Loaves made with high quality ingredients, provides different flavor solutions to improve your bread offering.

  • Rustica®  Buns and Rolls

    Rustica® Buns and Rolls

    Now lend an upscale touch to burgers, and appeal to consumers who seek higher quality menu items. Thaw and sell high quality sandwich bun. Control waste by having product ready on demand. Sliced and ready to Toast!

  • Rustica® Ciabatta and Artisan

    Rustica® Ciabatta and Artisan

    The long fermentation process, the cutting-edge production line and the Tunnel Oven provides an authentic Ciabatta, high hydration, airy crumb inside and a thin & crispy crust.

  • Sandwich Rolls

    Sandwich Rolls

    This thaw and sell category offers trendy flavors and Clean Label rolls to make tastier and high-end your sandwich offering.

  • Sub Rolls

    Sub Rolls

    Just thaw and make your sandwich with some of our wide range of Sub Rolls, easy and convenient.

  • Bagels


    The authentic New York bagels with a soft and chewy inside and different flavors to offer a full variety in your store.