Wenner Bakery


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  • Baguettes & Parisians

    Baguettes & Parisians

    The classic Baguette and Parisian are instantly recognized by their long narrow shape with angled cuts and the delectable golden crisp crust.

  • Challah


    Our ethnic recipe has been refined out of respect for the religious and festive traditions from which they grew.

  • Dinner Rolls

    Dinner Rolls

    Our dinner rolls make the perfect addition to any meal. With a variety of flavors you can’t go wrong, there is something for everyone.

  • Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns

    Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns

    Discover how can your customers can take the BBQ experience to the next level; our extensive frozen dough hot dog and hamburger buns category will help them to do it.

  • Italian Bread

    Italian Bread

    The essential bakery item in different formats and flavors, plain, semolina, 5 grain, everything…

  • Kaiser Rolls

    Kaiser Rolls

    The Kaiser is long-established, traditional roll used for sandwiches and a must have in every delicatessen. Add some additional flair by adding seeds for variety.

  • Loaves


    Our ample selection of loaves with a variety of flavors will call attention to your shelf, Sourdough, French, Rye, Multigrain… Let’s try them!!!

  • Pan Breads

    Pan Breads

    Familiar flavors like whole wheat, white and cinnamon swirl are created just right for baking in a traditional loaf pan to give you the perfect loaf for slicing.

  • Pizza


    The Wenner Bakery’s Original New York Recipe Frozen Dough makes creating the perfect pizza easily, no scaling, no mixing, no kneading. Just select your favorite fresh traditional sauce, toppings and seasoning , then bake and enjoy!

  • Sandwich Rolls

    Sandwich Rolls

    Make your perfect sandwich with any of our great selection of flavored rolls, choose from Golden Potato, Swirl Onion or Dark Whole Grain and more.

  • Round Boules

    Round Boules

    This bread is suitable for slicing, the round boule offers a different look and an abundance of delicious soft interior crumb.

  • Sub Rolls

    Sub Rolls

    Call them Sub Rolls, Hoagies or Grinders… these are a popular style of roll for making a hearty sandwich. No matter what you call it, the Sub Roll is a long time favorite for sandwiches.

  • Twist Rolls

    Twist Rolls

    Our Frozen Dough Hand-Tied rolls offer the artisanal look with traditional flavor.