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Wenner Bakery

Our History

  • 1956 1956

    Opened our first bakery in Queens, New York.

  • 1975 1975

    Opened first Manufacturing plant; started supplying local supermarkets with frozen dough for challah and rye breads.

  • 1977 1977

    Acquired first large scale regional supermarket customer.

  • 1978 1978

    Introduced and started supplying hand tied egg twist rolls to supermarkets.

  • 1987 1987

    Built first frozen dough plant in Bayport, NY.

  • 1993 1993

    Built second plant for par baked products in Bayport, NY.

  • 1995 1995

    First to launch Baked Ciabatta style product to retail supermarkets. Our first branded product line called Rustica ®.

  • 2000 2000

    As innovation continued to grow, Steakhouse Style ® Sweet Yeast rolls were developed.

  • 2004 2004

    In over 150,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, Wenner Bakery employs over 400 coworkers.

  • 2005 2005

    Opened 73,000 sq ft fully automated plant with 150 foot tunnel oven; the longest in North America.

  • 2010 2010

    Introduced First Day Fresh technology; the bakery solution that gives customers that oven-fresh flavor and texture on the third day.

  • 2012 2012

    Partnered with Frontenac Private Equity group.

  • 2013 2013

    First to launch all natural frozen dough product line.

  • 2015 2015

    Europastry joins forces with us to open up more innovation between Europe and USA growing stronger in the market so that we can better supply our customers with all options.

  • 2015 2015

    Opened new 300,000 sq. facility in New Brunswick, NJ.

Mission Statement

  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Using the spirit of NY of "ever upward" and passionate belief in celebrating the art of baking, our family continues to deliver the best bread, roll and bakery products in the US.

  • Our Mantra

    Our Mantra

    We Celebrate the Art of Baking Since 1956.

Research & Development

Innovation Leadership

At Wenner Bakery, we're excited about and are always looking toward the future. Our trend watchers are constantly tracking changes in the marketplace, trying to determine what might be the next "Ciabatta", so you can stay one step ahead, too.

Our Research and Development team is not only plugged into consumer dynamics, they're also in the fast lane on the technology track as well, applying new solutions wherever it makes sense to do so. With each new product that we create-whether it be a Wenner line item or a custom formulation-we keep focused on achieving full flavor, excellence in product performance and consistency and, of course, high quality, all while keeping costs low to give you the benefit of increased profit margins.

Our Facilites

Safe, Superior & State-of-the Art

For Wenner, it's all in a day's work. Advanced baking technology coupled with professional bakers and expert technicians enables us to guarantee the highest quality products and service to you, our customer, and the safest work environment for our coworkers.

Wenner Bakery is excited about the opening of our newest facility. The fully automated 72.000 square foot facility was designed to increase productivity and consistency. With this new addition, Wenner is able to better meet our customers product development needs.