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Your Holiday Dinner Table Is Not Complete Without Dinner Rolls!

Your Holiday Dinner Table Is Not Complete Without Dinner Rolls!

Help your customers bring home that hand-made goodness of fresh dinner rolls for their holiday celebrations.

30 oct

Wenner Bakery has dinner rolls in all shapes, sizes and flavors just waiting for your bakers to add their own special touch that will have your customers coming back for more.

Our selection of traditional 1.25 oz frozen dough dinner rolls can be baked individually or clustered on sheet pans. Top with sesame or poppy seeds, dust with flour, or brush with an egg wash. With so many options you can let your imagination take over and offer your customers variety throughout the holiday season. Try our traditional White Dinner Rolls (#563) or Golden Dinner Rolls (#560) and include a savory Seeded Rye Dinner Roll (#562) for something different. Our hand-tied Mini Twist Rolls (#600) will stand out in a bread basket with their unusual look. Top them with poppy seeds or sesame seeds to offer multiple varieties.

Our Sweet Yeast Rolls became an instant favorite when we introduced them over fifteen years ago and they’ve been in demand since then. These soft rolls come in a variety of sizes from our small 1.25 oz. Sweet Yeast Round Rolls (#976) to our largest Sweet Diamond Yeast Rolls (#982), a hearty 2.25 oz. roll that can double as a sandwich roll too.

Plan ahead for the upcoming holidays and start baking a variety of dinner rolls now to show your customers that you’re there go-to place when they need some delicious fresh baked dinner rolls for a weeknight dinner or a holiday buffet or dinner table.  See the selection here http://bit.ly/WennerDinnerRolls

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