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Your Burger Deserves a Better Bun!

Your Burger Deserves a Better Bun!

These gourmet artisan-style buns are overflowing with personality.

26 jan

You’ve gone to all the effort to create your special burgers, grilled just right, layered with their signature toppings, don’t let your bun fall short. Let our Burger Buns be the crown that tops your creation. Four delicious buns are waiting for you to fill with your best burgers.

Our new Country Hamburger Bun and Crystal Burger Buns are created with the simple, clean label ingredients that your customers demand.  The crisp, delicate crust and the soft and flavorful crumb are built to support your hearty burgers.  Purists will like our Large Crystal Burgers Buns (#69831) with its light flour dusting and hand-crafted appearance. Our Beer Crystal Burger Buns (#69891) combine sourdough and beer for a captivating bun – perfect for brew pubs, sports bars and anyone that wants to make a statement with their burgers. The hearty Kornspitz Crystal Burger Buns (#69851) are a multigrain lover’s dream with the added touch of seeds and grains atop the crust. The Country Hamburger Rolls with Black Sesame Seeds (#69880) are truly eye-catching and unique with the cross-cut top and the contrasting black sesame seeds on a golden crust. Don’t just stop at burgers, let your creativity run wild and fill them with a variety of beef, chicken and vegetables. These buns make any sandwich stand out on a plate!

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