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We’re Not Just Bread Anymore!

We’re Not Just Bread Anymore!

Wenner Bakery is your source for Butter Croissants, DOTS Doughnuts and a delicious assortment of pastries.

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Wenner Bakery has a long history of producing the finest in frozen raw dough and par and fully baked breads to supply supermarkets and restaurants. Did you know that we can also provide you with a delicious selection of croissants, doughnuts and pastries?

Our butter croissants are part of our Viennoiserie Caprice line made with only the best premium ingredients that include French flour, designation of origin butter and free-range eggs. Try our traditional large croissant (#90105) and our multi-grain large croissant (#90111) for breakfast or as a sandwich roll. Our Caprice Pain au Chocolat (#22175) is a decadent sweet treat for any time of the day. Our Mini Apple Tart (#90133) and Maple Pecan Pastry (#90135) round out your pastry case and no one can resist the eye-catching Chocolate Danish Pastry Pretzel with Nuts (#90131), twisted into a traditional pretzel shape with chocolate filling laced between layers of flaky pastry.

Our DOTS Original doughnuts are your thaw and sell solution for always keeping your doughnut case filled. DOTS are completely decorated and ready to just thaw, serve or sell as needed. No extra decorating required. Our selection of DOTS ranges from traditional Glazed Dots (#65590), Big Cocoa DOTS (#24690) and Jelly DOTS (#90159) to unique filled Ring Dots like our Cocoa & Hazelnut Filled Deco DOTS (#62920) and Filled Sugared DOTS (#62930). Be the first in your town to offer a traditional ring-shaped doughnut with a surprise cocoa or custard flavored filling inside!

Think of Wenner Bakery when you’re looking for croissants, pastries and doughnuts. We’re not just bread anymore!

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