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The Versatile Croissant: A worthwhile menu addition for any time of the day.

The Versatile Croissant: A worthwhile menu addition for any time of the day.

The often-overlooked Croissant might be just what you need to change up your menu, add flair to your buffet or add a grab-and-go treat to the coffee bar.

18 jun

The classic Croissant, with its distinctive look, delicious flaky layers and rich buttery flavor has a place at the table for every meal.

Our small Mini Croissants weigh in at just under an ounce and are available as a classic Mini Butter Croissant (#90101) or Mini Multi-Grain Croissant (#90110). These small morsels of delight are perfect to accompany a breakfast plate or add to a breadbasket or buffet for lunch and dinner. Our larger Croissants can be enjoyed with butter and jam or create eye-catching, mouthwatering sandwiches by slicing and filling with a variety of fillings from chicken salad to deli meats and cheeses. Try the Large Straight Butter Croissant (#90105) for a classic sandwich or add the flavor and crunch of whole grains and seeds with our Straight Butter Multi-Grain Croissant (#90111).

Don’t forget that croissants make a great morning or afternoon treat with coffee or tea too. Offer them at the coffee bar with a selection of jam for a grab-and-go addition. And for those with a sweet tooth, our Caprice Pain au Chocolate (#22175) is just the thing. Layers of flaky rich croissant dough are wrapped around a sweet chocolate filling to satisfy that craving.

Light and flaky, not too filling, and made with real butter, our croissants can fill a niche in every part of the day. Explore the options and add some croissants to your menu today.

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