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Tempt Your Taste Buds with Gourmet Slider Sandwiches!

Tempt Your Taste Buds with Gourmet Slider Sandwiches!

The gourmet slider trend began a few years ago but it’s undeniable, it’s here to stay.

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Restaurants and upscale pubs are offering a variety of slider sandwiches as appetizers, bar foods and light meal options for dining throughout the day. Smaller portions and finger foods, along with the option to enjoy a taste of a variety of foods, has been shown to have great appeal to consumers.

Our Savory Garlic Knots (#81001) are already coated with a garlic topping, ready to heat, slice and fill with fillings such as meatballs and marinara sauce or a Mediterranean medley of sundried tomato, olives and feta cheese. Perfect for nibbling at the bar or as a late-night snack.

Serve up our Mini Ciabatta Slider Buns (#40141) as hot or cold sandwiches. Deli meats, pulled pork, mini burgers, and grilled chicken are just the thing for buffets, bar food or your next BBQ. Add some gourmet condiments like Dijon or herb mayonnaise, top with caramelized onions or grilled veggies and cheese and you have a winner.

Slice a French Parisian (#51701) and create small grilled cheese or miniature hot deli sandwiches or create a classic bacon, lettuce and tomato slider. Fill with chicken salad or honey ham and cheese for cold sandwich option.

Small slider buns let you offer a variety of upscale choices on your restaurant and catering menus and we all know that old saying, “good things come in small packages.”

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