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Sandwiches are great in any size, shape and flavor!

Sandwiches are great in any size, shape and flavor!

August is National Sandwich Month and we’ve got breads and rolls to help you enjoy a wide variety of sandwiches all month long (and beyond!)

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No matter how you slice it, a sandwich provides a satisfying meal for many occasions. Enjoy them for lunch, a light snack, fill a picnic basket or pile high on a platter for a buffet.

Our traditional sub rolls are offered in frozen dough varieties that let you add your own special touch with scoring, and added toppings like bran flakes, oat flakes, sesame seeds or poppy seeds. Our popular 8 oz. Italian Sub Rolls (#7580) and 8 oz. Wheat Sub Rolls (#7583) have clean label ingredient statements and are perfect for when you want to offer a hearty foot-long sandwich. Our smaller 4 oz. Submarine (Hoagie) Rolls can be found in White (#709), Wheat (#613) and a Semolina (#955) flavor profile. We’ve got par and fully baked options too, in a variety of lengths ranging from 6” to 12” to suit a variety of needs.

Buffet and catering options include using our large 12 x 5 Ciabatta Bread to create sandwiches ready to cut to size. With three flavors to choose from you’ve got room for endless variety. Try the traditional plain Ciabatta (#71275) or go for one of our savory options with Asiago Cheese (#71254) or Kalamata Olive (#71288). Our Baked Garlic Knots (#80013 and #83913) are perfect for small slider buns that are sure to set you apart from the crowd. Check out our RECIPES pages for inspiration!

Breakfast Sandwiches are growing in popularity too. Bagel sandwiches, open face or traditional style, are a good choice to fill out a morning menu and we’ve got 10 flavors to choose from. Our Sweet Yeast Rolls come in two baked sizes, our mini size (#61082) and our larger diamond (#61882) offer a soft, tender roll to fill for a grab-and-go breakfast option.

We’ve just covered a few of the many sandwich bread options we have for you. The PRODUCTS link in the upper right of this page is your pathway to seeing more of our sandwich roll varieties. Explore our website to learn more about our traditional sub rolls, loaves for slicing, hot dog and hamburger buns, Kaiser rolls, and unique options like hand-tied knots, twist rolls and Scali rolls then contact us for more information.

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