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Rise To The Occasion With Fresh Baked Kaiser Rolls!

Rise To The Occasion With Fresh Baked Kaiser Rolls!

Fresh baked Kaiser Rolls with their crisp delicate crust and tender bite inside are a bakery favorite. Keep your customers coming back for more by offering a good selection of sizes topped with different seeds for variety.

19 dec

Kaiser Rolls are a standard in the bakery and a popular item to sell from the self-serve bins. The versatility of frozen dough helps you boost your sales by offering more variety with just a little creativity. Adding toppings like poppy seed and sesame seed, or dusting with flour or cornmeal gives your Kaiser a different look and flavor and they look great when offered together on a party platter. The distinctive star-shaped swirl is one of the most noticeable features of a Kaiser Roll but you can extend one SKU into another look by baking with the star shape down on the pan, adding your own creating scoring to the top to offer unique gourmet buns.

Our 2.75 oz. Kaiser Rolls are one of the most popular sizes. We offer clean label versions in our traditional recipe (#7781) and our rich flavored old fashion recipe (#7920 and #7020). It’s perfect for a traditional deli sandwich. Layer on some sliced turkey, ham or roast beef, your favorite cheese, lettuce and tomato and you’ve got a terrific sandwich. Our 1.75 oz. Small Kaiser Rolls are also available in two clean label formulas (#7905 and #7005) and make a good slider bun or smaller catering sandwiches. Add to your variety with our Wheat Kaiser Rolls (#703). This roll looks and tastes great when topped with rolled oats!

Kaiser Rolls may be a standard everyday item in the bakery case but it doesn’t have to be dull. A little creativity with toppings and variety of sizes will make your bakery a Kaiser Roll destination.

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