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Prepare Now for National Croissant Day!

Prepare Now for National Croissant Day!

National Croissant Day is Wednesday, January 30th. Croissants should be celebrated all year round for their delicious flaky crust and rich buttery flavor but having their own special day is a good reason to highlight this delightful pastry.

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Croissants are the secret workhorse of the pastry family. They cross over day-parts to give you a simple solution to fill multiple needs for your menu or for retail purchases. Croissants make a perfect treat for breakfast or afternoon snacking. Fill them with sliced deli meat, chicken or tuna salad for a sandwich that stands out on a plate or in your grab-and-go display. Our premium croissants are all Non-GMO and use only 100% butter to create their famously flaky layers of pastry. They all come pre-formed, frozen and ready to thaw and bake. You’ll have freshly baked croissants ready to sell or serve in under an hour.

National Croissant Day gives you the opportunity to highlight Croissants and gain new customers and interest. Encourage impulse buying with a well-presented display. Add a sampling station to catch consumers’ attention. Tempt them with a taste and it will be hard to resist purchasing croissants to bring home to their family.

Consider a special menu item in your café or restaurant featuring croissants as a breakfast or lunch item. Adding our mini-croissants to your bread basket or buffet table will add unique character and bring your guests a memorable experience.

Croissants are growing in favor and offer a way to indulge in the desire to make the dining occasion something special. Bring your customers a satisfying experience by promoting croissants on National Croissant Day on January 30th. You’ll have them wanting to come back for more.


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