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Let’s Get Ready to Party!

Let’s Get Ready to Party!

November and December are filled with gatherings of friends and family as we come together to celebrate various holidays and partake in the seasonal festivities. Unique party platters and sandwiches are ideal for feeding a crowd and let you enjoy the party.

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Let Wenner Bakery help you supply your customers with party platters and deli sandwiches throughout the upcoming holiday season. Our Garlic Knots are an easy way to make eye-catching finger sandwiches and our Ciabatta Breads are perfect for making large sandwiches to be cut into smaller sizes for buffets and party platters or use them for unique pizza crusts too.

Our Ciabatta Bread is available in four great flavors. The traditional Ciabatta Bread (#71275) is great for deli style sandwiches or to use as a pizza crust. Our Rustica® Ciabatta Bread (#71241) is enhanced with olive oil and has a crisper crust, idea for hot sandwiches. We round out the offering with a savory Asiago Cheese Ciabatta Bread (#71254) and a Kalamata Olive Ciabatta Bread (#71288).

Our par-baked Garlic Knots (#80013) are coated with a buttery flavored garlic topping. Just a few minutes in the oven will brown them off and let the savory topping melt into the crevices of this hand-tied knot roll. Slice them to use as slider buns and fill with meatballs and marinara, mozzarella and tomato or many other varieties of fillings. These whimsical knot rolls will be the hit of the party.

Our Recipe section offers suggestions for garlic knot sliders, Ciabatta pizza and sandwiches. Check them out then let your imagination run wild.

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