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Let’s Get Inspired!

Let’s Get Inspired!

We’ve got a variety of new, enticing recipes to fire up your imagination.

15 jan

Have you explored all of the facets of our new website yet? You’ve probably noticed the new features like easier navigation and the ability to create your own product list but have you seen our recipes section?

We’ve added a number of mouthwatering new images complete with ingredient listings and directions to create your own version. Four sections will show you Sandwich Recipes, Knot Recipes, Bagel Recipes and Slider Recipes. Just imagine a buffet table with small slider sandwiches using our hand-tied garlic knots as a bun. Offer something different and created with our open face bagel recipes. And take Pizza to the next level with our Ciabatta Pizza recipes. You’ll find the link to our Recipes page at the top of every page in the navigation bar. Try some out and let us know how we’ve sparked your creative fires.

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