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Let’s Celebrate National Barbecue Month!

Let’s Celebrate National Barbecue Month!

Fire up the grill and get creative with our artisan burger buns.

27 apr

National Barbecue Month runs the entire May and it’s a great reason to get out of the kitchen and head outside to explore the joys of grilling. Television shows and magazines dedicated to cooking, grilling and eating are everywhere, inspiring viewers and readers to get creative and step up their game when it comes to feeding friends and family. You can be the source for the best burger buns in town with our new artisan burger buns.

Each of these premium artisan buns has their own personality. Are you looking for a bun to go with burgers and beer? Try our Beer Crystal Burger Bun (#69891) with a light texture and lightly flour-dusted crown. Sourdough and beer are the special ingredients that make this a perfect pairing for your grilled burger. Do you want a hearty, healthy multigrain bun to pair with grilled chicken? You can’t go wrong with our Kornspitz Crystal Burger Bun (#69851). The delicious blend of 14 grains and seeds are just what you need. Our Country Hamburger Roll with Black Sesame Seeds (#69880) has eye-appeal to match its outstanding flavor. The distinctive cross-cut is highlighted by the black sesame seeds on top. It’s a bun with a strong personality to support your most inspired creations. But don’t pass up our Large Crystal Burger Bun (#69831). This unassuming bun will surprise you with its great flavor and texture. This bun plays a great supporting roll and lets your grilled creations be the star.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to bring something new and exciting to your in-store bakery!

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