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Is Your School Lunch Menu Ready for the School Year?

Is Your School Lunch Menu Ready for the School Year?

We have a variety of Whole Grain solutions available to help you.

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Wenner Bakery offers a variety of Whole Grain Rich solutions providing healthy options for school menus, created to meet the needs of school nutritionists wanting to include whole grains in their menu planning, all baked in a nut-free production facility.

School menu planning has evolved in response to the more sophisticated and wide-ranging food preferences of today’s students.  We’ve responded to this by offering a line of versatile rolls that can be prepared in many ways to add variety to a menu.

Our Ciabatta Sliced Sandwich (#62546) made with White Whole Wheat is just the right size for deli sandwiches, burgers or a chicken parmesan sandwich. This Ciabatta rolls works equally well served at room temperature, warmed in an oven or toasted on a grill.

Our Breadsticks come in three flavors, White Whole Wheat (#31529), Roasted Garlic (#32927) and Garlic & Herb (#32915), all made with white whole wheat, meeting the Whole Grains Rich criteria of 51% whole grain content. Adding to our line of accompaniments we have two traditional dinner rolls, our White Whole Wheat Dinner Roll (#11001) and our Whole Wheat Dinner Roll (#11203) with its more robust wheat flavor and traditional darker brown color.

Our hand-tied Knot Roll (#81001) is fast becoming a favorite with its unique look and the versatility it brings to the menu. Serve it warm as a dinner roll with a salad or coat it with a buttery garlic spread and bake for a quick and easy garlic knot to serve with Italian meals. Coat it with butter and roll it in cinnamon sugar to serve a sweet whole grain treat on a breakfast menu.

To see more detail and the full selection of products meeting the Whole Grain Rich requirements for school meals just type “school” in the search box at the top of the page.

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