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Is your Fresh Bakery ready for 2018?

Is your Fresh Bakery ready for 2018?

Highlight healthy and hearty breads to help your customers reach their goals.

22 dec

The new year is almost here and with it comes the New Year’s Resolutions. Help your customers stick to their pledge to eat healthier by highlighting a variety of hearty whole wheat and multigrain sandwich breads full of fiber and whole grains.

At Wenner Bakery we have just what you need to satisfy your customers’ needs. Did you know that our Super Sprouted Wheat Bread (#7056) has 21 grams of whole grain per serving and is full of fiber too? This soft and flavorful wheat bread is ideal for sandwiches and toasting. 

Our Super Sunflower Bread (#7714) tastes as great as it looks. Full of fiber, this bread looks outstanding when you roll it in sunflower seeds before baking. When you’re looking for something different try our Multigrain Bread with Ancient Grains and Cranberries (#7182). 12 grains and tangy red cranberries blend together to for an unbeatable treat.

Customers know that fiber helps curb the appetite and whole grains need to be part of a healthy diet. Those New Year’s Resolutions to eat better and improve their diets will have them looking for a tasty way to achieve those goals. Make sure your Fresh Bakery department is ready with plenty of options to help them get there.

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