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Improve Your Sub Roll Display with Visual Variety

Improve Your Sub Roll Display with Visual Variety

Adding toppings to your sandwich rolls is an easy way to offer a greater assortment from just one SKU.

29 mar

Using seeds, oats, bran flakes and other toppings on your frozen dough sub rolls can freshen up your roll display and catch your customers’ eye as they pass through your bakery.

Warm weather is starting to spread across the country and deli-style sandwiches are a popular choice to take to the beach, on a picnic or to serve for a casual meal when it’s too hot to cook. You can liven up your sandwich roll display by adding different toppings to a single SKU.

Our 7 oz. Wheat Sub Roll (#589) can be topped with bran flakes or rolled oats, or just left plain to give you three different looks and taste. Topping with sesame seeds or poppy seeds gives a new look and flavor to a 7 oz. White Sub Roll (#584). Try adding some corn meal topping to a Submarine Roll (#709) or Semolina Sub Roll (#955) for a delicious crispiness. Add some real spice by using an Everything mix of pretzel salt, dried garlic, onion flakes, poppy seed, and sesame seed.

Cross-merchandise by the Deli department to catch those impulse purchases and bring your new variety of Sub Rolls to the attention of shoppers. The simple addition of toppings to our frozen dough subs will help your bakery stand out from the competition and can make your bakery a destination for great sub rolls.

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