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Have you tried our hand tied, par-baked Garlic Knots?

Have you tried our hand tied, par-baked Garlic Knots?

You need to find out what you’ve been missing if you haven’t tried them yet!

2 jan

These delicious gems are ready to heat and serve. We save you the time and labor of measuring, mixing and tying the knots. We even coat them in a topping with the savory garlic flavor that makes everyone crave more.

Our garlic knots are available in a bulk pack (#80013) that’s just right for pizza parlors and catering. We also offer a 3-pack sleeve (#83913) that works great for restaurants wanting to offer something different with their appetizers. Bake as needed and serve with a marinara dipping sauce or slice and fill with a meatball, some sauce and top with melted cheese to offer an outstanding meatball slider on the menu.

Wenner Bakery offers retailers a truly unique option for their customers that want ease and indulgence together. Our savory garlic knots come in a retail-ready bag (#86613) that lets consumers bake the knots right in the bag. Retail customers can now bring their favorite garlic knots home to serve with ease and add something special to the meal or serve a crowd.

No matter what the occasion, be it Super Bowl Sunday or just an everyday meal, our Garlic Knots add something special and are sure to please.

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