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Get out the Grill, it’s time for a Barbecue!

Get out the Grill, it’s time for a Barbecue!

Celebrate the return of grilling season with our new Ciabatta and Brioche-Style buns.

12 mar

Warm weather is already here in the south and we’re seeing signs of spring in the north. Don’t reach for the same old burger buns and hot dog buns, take your meals up a notch with something new.

Wenner Bakery has a wide array of new buns well suited for burgers, grilled chicken, sliders, sausage and hot dogs. Our Ciabatta Slider Buns (#40141) are just what you need to serve up small sliders with a variety of fillings from burgers to chicken. Your guests (and the younger crowd) will enjoy the smaller size that lets them try all the delicious meats and veggies coming off the grill.

When you want more traditional-sized bun you can’t go wrong with our RUSTICA® Round Sliced Sandwich Buns. Available in a traditional Ciabatta (#42543) and Wheat Ciabatta (#42428), these artisan buns are great for hot foods off the grill. Our softer Brioche-Style Bun (#80961) and our new Soft Sweet Sliced Hamburger Bun (#42556) are a twist on your traditional white burger buns. Try these two new buns and you won’t go back to a plain soft bun again.

And we can’t leave our favorite Hot Dogs, Brats and Sausage out of the mix. Our RUSTICA® Sliced Sausage Bun (#42466) is a delightful addition to the party, just right for hearty sausages and traditional hot dogs.

Your burgers deserve a better bun and so do your customers. Looking for more info on these great additions to your selection of buns for your in-store fresh bakery or your menu? You’ll find it here http://bit.ly/NewBurgerBuns or contact your sales representative to get more info.

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