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Fire up the oven, it’s time to make Pizza!

Fire up the oven, it’s time to make Pizza!

It’s commonly known that New York pizza dough is something special with many theories about the water, the flour and a magic combination of ingredients as the reason. Whatever it is, we make it easy for you to bring that magic to your customers with our variety of froze

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Our convenient frozen dough balls save you the time and effort of scaling, mixing and measuring. Set them up to thaw in the cooler overnight and you’ll be ready to stretch and shape as needed, then top with your own special sauce, cheeses and other toppings to create your signature pizza.

We offer a range of sizes designed to suit your needs. The favorite small 8 oz. Pizza Dough Ball (#208) works well for smaller pizzas, our popular 20 oz. Pizza dough ball (#220) will feed a crowd and these are just two of the options. The versatility of frozen dough lets you form and shape the dough to offer multiple choices to your customers. Use our pizza dough for round Neapolitan pizzas and rectangular Sicilian pizza, stretch it out for a thin, crisp crust or leave it thicker as desired.

We cater to the desires of home pizza chef’s too, with our retail packaged pizza dough (#6267) and wheat pizza dough (#6295). These retail-ready pizza doughs come packaged complete with baking instructions. Offer these in the refrigerated section to start the thawing process for customers seeking a home meal solution for dinner. They are the ideal solution for a home-meal replacement program when offered with sauce, cheese and assorted toppings as a kit or self-serve station where customers can pick their favorite pizza toppings to take home.

Complete the offering with our retail-ready Savory Garlic Knots in a bakeable bag (#86613). It doesn’t get easier than this. Our garlic knots can be baked in the foil bag for a soft garlicy roll or bake them on a sheet pan for a delicately crisp crust. We offer bulk options for restaurant service too (#80013 and #83913).

We’ve got solutions for a variety of pizza needs. Check out our Products section to find more information on Pizza (under Frozen Dough / Pizza) and garlic knots (under Par Baked / Knots) to see the full range of options.

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