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Elevate Your Kaiser Roll Selection To A New Level!

Elevate Your Kaiser Roll Selection To A New Level!

Offer more variety by adding flavorful, eye-catching toppings.

27 oct

Wenner Bakery knows all about frozen dough Kaiser Rolls. We’ve been making them for over 60 years. With sixteen varieties to choose from you’re sure to find a few that suit your needs perfectly. With our frozen dough Kaiser Rolls you can add your own touch and offer more variety by adding poppy seeds or sesame seeds to compliment the plain Kaiser Rolls. Add rolled oats or bran flakes on our Wheat Kaiser Rolls for your signature touch too.

Our traditional Kaiser Rolls come in sizes ranging from 1.75 oz. to 3.25 oz. to fit sandwiches for any appetite. Looking for something just the right size for catering, buffets or a small sandwich to go with soup or salad? Try our 1.75 oz. Small Kaiser Rolls (#768). Our 2.75 oz. Jumbo Kaiser Rolls (#781) are our most popular size but don’t forget those with a hearty appetite. Satisfy their hunger with the 3.25 oz. Colossal Kaiser Rolls (#798).

For something different try our Old Fashioned Kaiser Rolls. These delicious Kaiser Rolls bring some added flavor with the addition of egg and malt giving a flavor that is sure to please. Sizes range from the 1.75 oz. Small Old Fashioned Kaiser Rolls (#905) to the 3.0 oz. Old Fashioned Kaiser Rolls (#602) to fit your various needs.

Rounding out our Kaiser Roll selection are two tasty Wheat Kaiser Rolls (#703 and #6676) and a selection of Kaiser Rolls made with Clean Label Ingredients too.  See the whole selection of frozen dough Kaiser Rolls here http://bit.ly/KaiserRolls.

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