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Elevate your Burgers to a New Level!

Elevate your Burgers to a New Level!

Surround your specialty hamburgers with our RUSTICA® Round Sandwich Buns to give your guests the eating experience they deserve. These outstanding burger buns will have them coming back for more.

22 aug

Don’t just stop with hamburgers when you’re planning your menu. These buns are great for grilled chicken, pulled pork, steak sandwiches, deli sandwiches and more.

We cater to your needs by offering these buns in three different packaging configurations to fit a variety of handling situations. Are you looking for something to fill your self-serve retail bin? Try our bulk pack, unsliced buns in a traditional ciabatta recipe (#42536) and wheat ciabatta recipe (#42403). Just thaw and add fresh product to the bin as needed. Large scale sandwich makers like commissaries and schools will appreciate the ease of our bulk packed, sliced buns. Available in the traditional ciabatta recipe (#52546) and wheat ciabatta recipe (#52503), these buns are ready to thaw and use to quickly building large quantities of sandwiches without having to slice the bun. Our bagged sandwich buns are designed for foodservice operations that want to thaw smaller amounts at a time, pull just what you need from the freezer in convenient 8-count bags. You’ll find these available in the same great recipes, traditional Ciabatta (#42543) and wheat ciabatta (#42428).

Our Mini Ciabatta Sliced Slider Buns (#60646) and Mini Wheat Ciabatta Sliced Slider Buns (#60603) bring more options to the table. These smaller slider buns come packed in 6-count bags to be labeled for retail. We offer the traditional recipe in a 12-count bag (#40141) and bulk pack option (#40227) too. These smaller buns are perfect for appetizers, catering, box lunches and variety plates.

These buns bring a lot to the table with their great flavor and clean label ingredients. The wheat buns offer whole grain goodness too, with 13 grams of whole grain per serving for the large bun and 8 grams per serving for just two wheat slider buns. You owe it to your guests to bring a better bun to the table today. Explore our website for more details.

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