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Don’t forget the Dinner Rolls this Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget the Dinner Rolls this Thanksgiving!

Turkey and pies are the main event at most Thanksgiving meals but great dinner rolls should play a supporting part on every table. Warm rolls are a favorite comfort food for many so help your customers create that feeling by offering a selection of unique dinner rolls.

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You want to be prepared with a variety of rolls this November to capture the attention of your customers as they prepare for the holidays. Put out some displays in early November to let your customers know you’re the destination for dinner rolls this year.

You can minimize your SKU’s and maximize your offerings just by changing the toppings and baking process. Our Golden Dinner Rolls (#7560) are made with clean label ingredients and have a rich egg flavor. Bake them as individuals, or in clusters on a sheet pan. Top with sesame seeds or poppy seeds, give them a plain egg wash or just a light dusting of flour. Four different toppings give you four varieties of rolls from just one case of product. Try it with our clean label Wheat Dinner Rolls (#7564) too by adding a dusting of wheat bran or flour, or a sprinkling of oats.

Our Mini Twist Rolls (#600) are hand-tied offering a unique look. These too can be topped with sesame or poppy seeds for visual and flavor variety. These tasty rolls with their rich golden color have a home-made look that just might fool guests into thinking they were baked at home.

Our Sweet Yeast Rolls have been a long-time favorite. These rolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the small Mini Duchess Yeast Roll (#946) to the largest option, our Sweet Diamond Yeast Roll (#982). These are a year-round favorite that deserve a place at the table at Thanksgiving.

Don’t get caught in a dinner roll rut with the same old dinner rolls. Help your customers bring something special for Thanksgiving Dinner and their family and guests will be truly thankful.

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