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Dinner Rolls set the stage for a great meal so don’t let your audience down!

Dinner Rolls set the stage for a great meal so don’t let your audience down!

Good bread is universally enjoyed. Dinner rolls that look as great as they taste will capture the attention of shoppers and delight friends and family at the dinner table.

4 jun

Do you look forward to the breadbasket full of warm rolls when you’re dining out? Most of us do, so why not include that same experience when you’re dining at home? In-store bakeries are ideally positioned to provide a variety of tasty dinner rolls to enjoy at home.

Traditional frozen dough dinner rolls like our clean label Wheat Dinner Rolls (#7564) and Golden Dinner Rolls (#7560) can be clustered close together on a baking pan for pull-apart rolls or spaced apart for individual rolls. Top our wheat rolls with bran flakes or crushed oat for variety. An egg wash on our golden dinner rolls adds a nice shine.

Our Mini Twist Rolls (#600) made with a challah-style dough will stand out in any showcase, buffet table or bread basket. These delightful little rolls can be egg washed and also topped with sesame seed or poppy seeds to give you three looks and flavors from a single SKU. Pair them up with our Sweet Mini Duchess Yeast Rolls (#946) and you’ve got something to please everyone.

Tempt your customers with a variety of dinner rolls in your fresh bakery by offering the perfect option to pair up with a grilled steak and a salad, their favorite seafood or a chilled gazpacho. Good dinner rolls can help to make a meal memorable.

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