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Come and See Us at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas!

Come and See Us at the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas!

Exhibits are open March 20 – 22 and you’ll find an array of enticing Dots, Knots and more at booth #2904.

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You’ll be among the first to see and sample our new round sandwich and burger buns, Ciabatta slider buns and baked artisan loaves.

We’ve been busy over the winter and now we’re ready for grilling season with a variety of new Ciabatta and Brioche-style sandwich and burger buns. Our round Rustica® wheat (42403 & 42428) and white buns (42536 & 42543) have the look of a hand-crafted bun with a dusting of bran flakes or flour. We’re offering a sliced version for food-service and an unsliced version for bulk bin sales in your corner bakery. Our Ciabatta Slider Buns (40227 & 40141) are the perfect compliment to this category along with the Rustica® Sliced Sausage Bun (42466). We’re looking forward to showing all of them to you.

We’re also proud to present our new Baked Artisan Loaves, available in four flavors. Baked Honey Wheat (40123) offers 8 grams of whole grain per serving and is perfect for sandwiches or toasted as a breakfast treat. Two more new loaves bring a nice blend of grains, seeds and fruit to the party. Try the Baked Marathon Bread (40174) and the Baked Multigrain Bread with Ancient Grains & Cranberry and experience the delicious flavor found in both. Rounding out this category is our savory Baked Olive Bread (40199) made with robust imported Kalamata olives. This one is just made for serving with hearty pasta dishes. Any artisan bread display would be incomplete without an outstanding traditional baguette and our Baguette Gran Reserva (22001) fills the role perfectly. Just like a Grand Reserve wine, this Baguette Grain Reserva is among the best, a supreme baguette made with a triple fermentation process that delivers an outstanding flavor and crust.

Stop by the Wenner Bakery booth #2904 at the Pizza Show in Las Vegas to see and sample.

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