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Clean Label – Closing In On 100 Choices!

Clean Label – Closing In On 100 Choices!

Our list of clean label breads, rolls and croissants is growing every month.

16 jun

The demand is on the rise and your team at Wenner Bakery is here to provide the great clean label bakery products you and your customers are seeking. Our wide variety of products includes frozen dough and baked products in all shapes, sizes and varieties ranging from standards like Italian Bread, Kaiser Rolls and Sub Rolls to specialty items like Braided Challah and Hot Cross Buns. Just enter Clean Label in the search box to see the available variety.

Wenner Bakery’s commitment to you, our customers, is to provide the finest products in the marketplace. We are continually working to improve the breads and rolls enjoyed by you and your customers. We’ve made a pledge to seek out clean label ingredients in our quest to create new recipes that will satisfy the increasing demand for healthy, simple, clean label ingredients.

Our RUSTICA® Ciabatta Sub (74041) is the ideal artisan-style sandwich roll. Our baked, sliced burger buns (#69831, #69891 and #69880) are not only clean label, they're part of our non-GMO group of products too.

Our list of frozen dough and par-baked breads are too long to list. You can see the entire group by searching Clean Label using the search function on our website.

Over the coming months we will be increasing our selection of clean label items as we clean up the recipes for your long-time favorite breads and rolls and we introduce new and exciting flavors.

It’s a return to real food, the familiar and simple ingredients you grew up with. Join us on the journey.

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