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Celebrate School Nutrition Week May 7 – 11

Celebrate School Nutrition Week May 7 – 11

Wenner Bakery’s Whole Grains Rich Knots, Ciabatta Sandwich Rolls, Dinner Rolls and Breadsticks are a great way to add whole grain to the menu. And they are all produced in a Nut-Free, Peanut-Free bakery!

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We offer a carefully created selection of items developed to satisfy the school nutrition needs of 51% whole grain per roll while providing superior flavor and versatility. Add them to menus as a side item, snack or sandwich carrier filled with a variety of fillings to give you multiple menu options with just a few SKU’s.

Pictured here are our popular White Whole Wheat Knot Rolls (#81001). Made with white whole wheat, these whimsical hand-tied knot rolls meet the whole grain criteria and give you lots of options. Top with a garlic butter topping and serve with marinara sauce or top with a cinnamon sugar blend to serve with breakfast. Don’t stop there! These great little knots are ideal for small slider sandwiches. Visit our Recipes section for inspiration.

Step away from standard sandwich buns and upscale your menu with our White Whole Wheat Ciabatta Sandwich Rolls (#62546). These tasty rolls are made with an eye on tradition, recreating the crisp crust and open-celled interior of Italian Ciabatta bread. Fill them with a variety of deli meats or use them with a traditional burger patty. These rolls meet your whole grain needs with a new look and style.

Rounding out our selection are our traditional White Whole Wheat Dinner Roll (#11001) and White Whole Wheat Breadstick (#31529). These two popular rolls are a good fit for any menu and a favorite choice for serving with soups or salad.

Break out of the rut and try some of our tasty white whole wheat rolls today. Your students will thank you!

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