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Are you thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

Are you thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

Healthy eating and losing weight are among the top resolutions that are made every January 1st and adding more Whole Grains to your diet is one way to help you reach that goal.

19 nov

Whole Grains have been the focus of many studies touting a variety of health benefits, including the benefits of fiber helping you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Controlling your hunger can help you avoid the urge to snack which adds more calories to your daily diet. Many people will be planning to improve their diet in the new year and you can expect your customers to show an increased interest in grain breads come January so be sure your bakery is ready.

Our White Whole Wheat Knot Rolls (#81001) and White Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls (#11001) pair nicely with soups or salads and are ideal items for a take-and-bake program. Our Mini Wheat Ciabatta Sliced Slider Buns have 8 grams of whole grain with each 2-bun serving and the small size helps with portion control too. Try our Multigrain Bread with Ancient Grain and Cranberry-CL (#7182) if you’re looking for a hearty bread filled with 12 flavorful grains and tangy red cranberries. Slice this bread for your turkey sandwiches or just toast it for a delicious snack. Round out your offerings with our Oatmeal Bread-CL (#7925), a flavor-filled moist bread that works well for sandwiches or toast. This selection of breads and rolls are also made with clean label ingredients which meets the expectations of many customers looking for something new to add to their home menus.

Wenner Bakery offers a variety of grain breads that should be in your bakery in 2019 to help your customer’s keep their New Year’s Resolutions for eating better. Our sales team is here to help you find the right selection. What are you waiting for?

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