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A Tradition of Hand-Tied Rolls

A Tradition of Hand-Tied Rolls

Wenner Bakery has honored the tradition of tying and twisting some of our most popular rolls and knots for many years, giving each one a unique look that is just as special as the flavors you’ll experience with every bite.

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Our frozen dough knots, twist rolls and Scali rolls are a step above ordinary and stand out from the crowd in your bakery or breadbasket. The eye-catching look of these hand-tied and twisted rolls is further enhanced when topped with sesame seeds or poppy seeds so just a single SKU adds visual variety to your offerings.

Our Mini Twist Rolls (#600) are sized perfectly for a breadbasket. Just one oz in size after baking these delightful rolls have a rich egg flavor with a touch of sweetness and a pleasing light, yellow color to the inside crumb. Mix a selection of plain, sesame seed topped and poppy seed topped rolls in your bread basket to start the meal off with a statement.

Our twisted sandwich rolls make an outstanding round bun for burgers and deli sandwiches. These rolls are made from the same rich dough as our Mini Twist rolls and are available in two sizes, our traditional Twist Roll (#749) and the Large Twist Roll (#947). These too can be topped with your choice of seeds to give variety and added flavors to the rolls. The soft, tender dough has a nice bite but holds up to a hearty sandwich too.

When you’re looking for a longer oblong-shaped roll turn to our Double Twist Roll (#6850) or our Scali Roll (#914). The Double Twist is created using the same dough as our single Twist Rolls and the Scali Roll uses a traditional Italian Bread recipe. Both rolls make an excellent sandwich carrier when you want that bigger roll for grilled chicken or eggplant or just a larger bun for big appetites.

You can’t go wrong with these great hand-tied and twisted rolls. The attention to detail and tradition shines through making these an ideal choice to add a special touch to your bakery shelves or restaurant menu.

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